Slide Doors

The SITELINE system sliding door kits incorporate numerous design considerations to ensure that they perform as intended in the field of operation. Sliding doors are easy to use, installed by attaching the slide mechanism directly to the top rail. Doors are easily assembled on site utilizing a pressure clamp . Leveling considerations are built into the mechanism allowing for quick and easy adjustment on site.



- Pre-configured stocked kits for 36-inch door widths

- Designed to use 3/8 inch thick glass

- 2 Standard finishes available Black / Clear anodize


- Self closing adjustable hinge





All the necessary items for hanging and adjusting sliding doors within the SITELINE system

Integrated door seal brush gaskets

Joining hardware for connection to SITELINE walls

Adjustable self closing slide 

Kits come pre drilled for either left or right opening applications

Kits come with top rails pre-machined and vertical members long so that they can be cut to height on site



Integrated gaskets for glass where doors connect to SITELINE walls

Integrated door seal brush gaskets

Self closing feature built into slide mechanism




1/4 inch adjustability built into slide mechanism

Slide mechanism installs directly onto pre-machined top rail

Designed for 3/8 glass



Clear Anodize

Clear Anodize

Black Anodize

Black Anodize